Is it possible quickly implement the energy revolution?


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Greenpeace and Tcktcktck volunteers raise a wind turbine on the beach at dawn in Durban, South Africa. To send a message of hope for the latest round of UN climate change talks opening here on Monday. Campaigners say Durban must be a new dawn for the international negotiations to agree a fair, ambitious and legally binding treaty to avert climate chaos. They are demanding that politicians stop listening to the polluting corporations and listen to the people who want an end to our dependence on fossil fuels. Africa is on the front line of dangerous climate change, with millions already suffering the impacts through increased drought and extreme weather events, threatening lives and food security.

The transition to clean energy can be done quickly enough if a concerted effort will be made to do so.

This is according to a study which conducted at the University of Sussex.

Thus, the researchers argue that humanity would eliminate the use of coal and oil as an energy source, for about a decade. In history there are already examples of such changes.

According to Professor Benjamin Sovakoola (Benjamin Sovacool), the evolution of energy are fast enough when there is a combination of “decisive government intervention” and economic or environmental stimuli. For example, the Province of Ontario in Canada declined from coal power for 11 years, and the share of nuclear power in France reached 40% within 12 years. In case of useful energy sources, there has been a combination of factors: fear due to possible climate change, reduction of fossil resources, advanced technologies to make the transition to new energy sources.

It is noted that the transition to new energy sources can be quite slow when development is carried out in a natural way without stimulation. An example of this is called the widespread introduction of electricity, which took several decades. But the situation changes dramatically when the concentration and coherence.

Despite the fact that electric vehicles and renewable energy sources are increasingly penetrate into our lives, there is considerable resistance to progress. Basically, we are talking about the industry for the extraction of fossil fuels (and the relevant political forces that protect them).

Also accelerate the transition to use of ecological energy sources might be different regulations. However, there is another obstacle in the path to a brighter future of alternative energy. Developing countries seldom have the luxury of eliminating the use of fossil energy sources. For them, it is too expensive, and this failure can result in a large number of people who don’t have access to reliable energy services. Thus accelerated transition to alternative energy sources can’t occur as long as the political and economic advantages become apparent change even for opponents.


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