What generates the sunlight?


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Society have long come to the fact that a number of things can and should be altered. As a vivid example, waste paper, glass bottles, cardboard containers and so on. There actually has no limits. In this context, thinking and solar panels.

Scientists at Cambridge University have recently asked ourselves and came to the conclusion that there is a material capable to process a significant amount of light photons, which in turn is a prerequisite to ensure that the solar cells and solar panels become more efficient compared with existing ones.

Perovskite – material with which the researchers worked. It has been in use as solar panel. It turned remarkable property that was not previously seen. There is a feeling that as soon as the sun’s rays touch perovskite, they are transformed into electrical energy.

As for the features, they consist in the fact that the collision with the surface of the rays is not completely change their shape. Some of them goes into electricity, and a portion returns to the photons. If based on this hold solar panels, which have all possible photons for re-operation, the power will go a few times more.

Thus, this process demonstrates the advantages of the material. Methods for its preparation are available, and if you take into account the advantages that they create, the efficiency of future solar cells will be achieved.
Through experiment, in which “part” laser, it was proved that the light is re-emitted.

The head of the research group, represented by Luis Miguel Pazos Outona argues that the effectiveness of the new solar cell having a high-energy property, can’t exist without the processing of photons. And it was also noted that the current materials, which are in the solar panels don’t work very well. All of this suggests that it is time to change something.
Thus, getting many types of renewable energy, a person begins upgrade all this by making the most efficient.


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