Heat energy of a joint crypto-fruit farm in Primorye is used for the production of elite cheeses


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In Primorsky Krai, a new crypto-currency farm is under construction, specializing also in the cultivation of strawberries. It was decided that the energy from this cryptoferm will be further directed to the production of elite sorts of cheese. As one of the founders of the start-up, Oleg Kotelnikov, said for Primorskaya Gazeta: “Basically, on a farm, Coinberry’s crypto currency will be in the summer, when usually there is an excess of heat energy in such plants.”

The project, which first appeared in Vladivostok in early autumn of 2017, is now continuing its active development. The crypto-currency farm in conjunction with fruit combines the latest scientific achievements in the renewal of electricity in the agro-industrial complex using the digital economy.

Now the project has finally been established on specific main suppliers of computer equipment for mining on a cryptoferm, and also decided on a partner for the supply of batteries for a solar power plant. According to the words of one of the founders of the startup Oleg Kotelnikov, as a result of the competition for the acquisition and installation of a solar power plant, the most worthy supply partner, the company “Hevel”, was chosen as the most advanced in its field.

During the development of the start-up, it was decided to use an excessive amount of heat energy for an additional vector of the project development in the field of agriculture – the production of elite cheese varieties.

According to Oleg Kotelnikov: “This is how the problem of combating excessive thermal contamination of the cryptoferm in summer will be solved, when the hothouse complex where strawberries are grown does not need heating. The workshop for the production of cheeses will be built next to the greenhouses. He will be engaged in the most interesting process of turning milk after pasteurization into delicious elite cheeses – parmesan and brie. The remarkable fact is that the family of cheese producers from Parma (Italy), which is the birthplace of Parmesan, will help to implement this project. The secret of making parmesan premium is passed to this family for five generations. Previously, the cheese market in the region was analyzed and experts came to the conclusion that about 6,000 tons of elite cheeses are consumed annually. This production will produce about 100 tons per year.

Due to the presence of its power station, the microclimate of the ecosystem will be provided with food. Heat the entire system, along with greenhouses and dairy, will be a solar power plant that will also heat water in the system. Using such technologies, the crypto farm will completely save on heating, which is one of the main factors for a successful start-up.

“This business model is completely original, which is confirmed by the numerous requests for the purchase of franchising by domestic and foreign investors. We are developing such an opportunity by increasing the scale of the startup Coinberry. Hardly the main support in the development of the idea was the crypto community itself with its unprecedented interest. Our startup is perfectly suited for the development of the Far Eastern digital economy “, – summed up Oleg Kotelnikov.


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