The construction of a solar power station, a deposit account or a mining occupation?


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An agro-entrepreneur from Kharkiv, with a scientific degree, who manages his own business at a distance from the city of a millionaire, by the end of last autumn received income from the sale of crops and a surplus of resources. For the proceeds, he built the largest in its kind in the Kharkov region, a covered solar power plant with a capacity of 60 kW and already receives the first revenues within the so-called “green tariff”. Despite this, he still doubts: it might still be the best decision to put this money into a deposit account or invest in the mining of crypto-currencies. The purpose of this article is to find out what is the most profitable business in Ukraine: the construction of a solar power station, a deposit account or occupation by mining.

Mining farms – absorbers of electricity

Mining – a new way of earning money in the Ukrainian market, is to produce crypto currency for a given algorithm using a so-called “cryptoferm” – a specially prepared computer. It creates a set of unique cryptographic – a block. He certifies the authenticity of payment transactions. Each block produced by a computer brings a monetary profit.

Mining has a good quick payback. In addition, this variant of investing money is accompany by high risks because virtual money – crypto currency, generated by the farm is still not officially recognized and is not fixed. There are no guarantees that in the future its depreciation will not take place. A huge minus cryptoferm is also a significant consumption of electrical energy.

Deposit lottery

Opening a deposit account is the most popular way of earning money by accumulating excess capital. Almost everyone knows the principle of the deposit: a sum of money is putting in the bank for a certain period at a percentage.

At the end of this period, the person who deposited money into the escrow account returns his amount back together with the earned interest. From an economic point of view, this is a profitable way to earn money, but no one is immune from the fact that during the deposit period there will not be a depreciation of money – inflation.

Investing in a solar power plant – a new word in earnings

The third option proposed by us in this article is the construction of a network solar power plant for a “green tariff”, which is a long-term project for investment. Earnings on solar energy is as follows: first, the customer acquires a solar power plant, then it is install in his home and as a result, the power plant produces electricity that feeds the house and farm.

Extra electricity, which is usually very much, it sells to the state. Sale is based on a special “green tariff”, which is fixed in the legislation at a price of 0.18 euros per 1 kW. This way of earning has low risks because the whole process is describe and guarantee by the state, and brings high incomes: in five years, they will amount to about one hundred percent.

The payback of a solar power plant can be calculated by the formula: 9000 / (1530 + 130) = 5.4 years. Therefore, the net income for ten years with the investment of 9000 dollars should make one hundred percent.


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