No landfills in the Kherson region has built a solar power capacity of 7.68 MW, plans two more


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In Berislav, Kherson region for the first time built a solar power station with a capacity of 7.68 MW, with the name “Taganskaya-2”.

According to the “Tauride news”, solar power plant, which is now working on the dumps on the North-East of Berislav, built by the Association of companies “Rentehno”. She was commissioned in the 20’s of January.

As stated by one of the founders of the industrial Association of companies “Rentehno” Dmytro Lukomsky: “New power plant “Taganskaya-2″ consists of 30382 photon electric elements Q. POWER G5-270 Wp each of which has a capacity of 0.27 kW”.

According to the specialist: “the Plant is designed with stringbag inverters and polycrystalline silicon elements. The inverter is assembled into complexes that are connected to special transformers, combined substations 0,4/10 kV. All the equipment produced by Ukrainian and foreign experts.”

Solar power plant “Taganskaya-2” will produce approximately 10942 MW-h of energy per year.

The General Director of industrial Association of companies “Rentehno” Eugene LACNIC noted that this SPP – the first such project with a full amount of work done. “Alternative energy is an advanced field of activity, especially if to take to attention an by 2030 “green” tariff. The terms full cost recovery of the plant should be about five years,” added the CEO.

A six-month construction of the power plant cost about $ 9 million dollars. During this time, about hundreds of borislavtsi and residents of nearby settlements were provided with jobs.

Mayor Alexander Shapovalov said: “Berislav finally got rid of the huge dumps and plus, every year the city budget will receive 600 thousand UAH of a payment for earth rent. This is 10% of income, and they will have a huge impact on the future financial independence of the region. There are hopes that investors will make an effort to implement social projects.”

This project is an example for many Ukrainian cities and villages. Repeatedly, the network appeared information about the construction of any useful for the country of production at the site of the former dump. Be it solar power or a trout farm, the prospect of turning landfills on the territory of Ukraine in production on a national scale is growing every year and promises our country a bright future.


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