The Tesla’s innovative energy storage facility provided income of $ 800,000 over the course of several days


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At the beginning of December last year, the largest energy storage facility in the entire globe was commissioned in Australia. This innovative building was erected in a hundred days thanks to the efforts of the head of the company Tesla. Ilon Mask once again surprised the world scientific community, because its energy storage could only bring in one million Australian dollars in just a few days, equivalent to octopus thousands of dollars in the United States of America. This was reported by Science alert.

The first launch of the energy storage took place in mid-December. At that time, the innovative structure demonstrated its incredible performance by replacing the coal-fired power plant for some time.

The energy storage from Tesla contains 129 megawatts of electric energy. The total capacity of the battery system is one hundred megawatts. Currently, the state authorities have reserved seventy megawatts and 39 megawatts of hours. Such measure will help to reduce losses and reduce the negative consequences during emergency events. The remaining thirty megawatts and ninety megawatt-hours the owner-owner can exercise at its discretion. By the way, the energy storage is officially owned by Neoen. Experts point out that the most likely way to use residual volumes of energy will be its sale.

Neoen has already made a test on energy sales. Within two days (January 18 and 19, current year), electricity from the energy storage was sold for $ 1 million. Representatives of the owner company said they sold energy at the price of 14,000 Australian dollars per megawatt.

The Tesla battery system was built for a specific purpose. The company said that the energy store should help solve the energy supply difficulties of the southern region of Australia. For quite some time, residents of this territory suffered from regular electricity problems and shut it off for a while.

It should be noted that Australia occupies a leading position in the field of generating “green” energy. For a long time, experts have been looking for ways to accumulate large volumes of electricity produced in order to make it cheaper. At present, this method was found thanks to the team of Ilon Mask.

Neoen has proven that Tesla’s battery system is reliable, cost-effective and efficient. In addition, the energy storage facility allows you to get rid of the energy problems of the region without any special problems.

It has also become known that there is currently an active research and development work on the territory of Victoria (Australia), which should result in a battery with a capacity of twenty megawatts. Representatives of the Neoen also announced their intention to build on the territory of Queensland even more energy storage than existing in Australia. The Tesla Company has not yet confirmed this project.


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