Tender system in Ukraine as an incentive for RES is real or empty talk.


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Renewable energy sources

The Verkhovna Rada stated that by December 2018 a bill on the promotion of alternative energy in our country would be agree. This document will regulate the implementation of the tender mechanism in the energy market. Government officials provided such information during a press conference.

MPs said they were worried about the prospects for developing RES. The reason for this was the immutability of state policy in relation to alternative energy. People’s constituents are confident that leaving everything as it is, the investment attractiveness of our country will be lost, and the goals set by 2020 will not be achieve.

In addition, government officials said they could not allow a greenhouse gas default. Oleksandr Dombrovsky, Acting Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel and Energy, drew attention to the fact that Ukraine needs urgent optimization of the existing system of incentive measures for alternative energy.

The members of the Ukrainian Association of Resource Directors expressed their support for the plans of the government. They also noted that the “green” energy market of Ukraine lacks evolutionary changes, which will lead to a steady growth of energy and the formation of the industry as a whole.

The Tender system, which will carry the obligatory nature of the interaction, will be apply to the SES with a capacity of more than 10 megawatts and a power plant with a capacity exceeding 20 megawatts. Such a mechanism will balance the energy system of the country and will create a competitive working environment in the energy market.

Previously put into operation of power the new bill will not touch. In addition, it should be noted that lots would be divided into one megawatt. Due to this, investors will be able to implement new projects without any restrictions.

The described draft law No. 8 449 has already been submit on June 7 of this year. Government officials are planning to adopt it by the end of 2018. The bill will enable the introduction of a new system from 2020. Projects that are currently under development will be able to sign a preliminary agreement. This will be possible subject to availability of documentation confirming this project status. The agreement may be conclude before July 1 of the next year under the current conditions.

The possibility of concluding an agreement for twenty years indicated on the pages of the bill will be able to create conditions for the sustainable development of renewable energy after the green tariff ceases to apply. Julia Kovalov (Head of the Office of the National Investment Council) and Pidlisetskij Lion (People’s Deputy) stated this. It was also note that the waiver of the bill would lead to a complete loss of investment attractiveness of RE projects after 2020.

The head of the Ukrainian Association of RES, Orzhel Aleksey, said that the introduction of changes to the system of stimulating the development of alternative energy in our country is an inevitable process. For renewable energy advocates and those who are building a business in this area, such changes should be in the list of priority interests. Mr. Orzhel called the government’s initiative very timely and necessary.


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