Compensation from the state for installation of SES: what amount can be obtain


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Happy Family Standing Together Outside The House With Solar Panel Fitted On Roof

The popularization and dissemination of alternative energy is not cheap. Specialized equipment for home SES requires considerable financial costs, although it has a short payback period. To increase the availability of solar energy to private households, a number of state programs were create. In addition, local authorities also contribute significantly to the promotion of renewable energy.

The example of Zhytomyr and other regions of our country confirm this.

Real assistance in implementation of the newest programs on energy efficiency in Zhytomyr region

Local authorities of regional importance adopted a resolution, according to which 20 per cent of the cost of purchasing equipment for SES is compensate at the expense of the local budget. In addition, this solution also applies to solar collectors – their cost is compensate at a rate of 15 percent.

Last year, this approach gave the first positive results, so the program was decide to be extend for 2018 as well. Head of the City Administration of Zhytomyr Gundich Igor said that the program of energy efficiency proved itself for a year as one of the most necessary. During the year, it became obvious that such programs are very necessary for the population, therefore in the Zhytomyr region it continues to be realize in the future.

Last year, local authorities also supplemented the standard package of compensation payments for the establishment of solid fuel heating and the replacement of old windows with plastic ones, a new section – compensation payments for RES, including domestic SES. At the initial stage of the program, it was plan to include 35 people. They were to receive from the state bodies of 50,000 hryvnia for the purchase of equipment for solar power plants.

In addition, the expectations were surpass – applications from 50 people were receive. Now such activity is gaining momentum. It is for this reason that the decision was taking to extend the program. Mr. Gundich explains that this increased interest in alternative energy is due to two reasons:

– a chance to save on paying bills for electricity;

– to profit from the sale of electricity by the “green” tariff.

Example of other regions of Ukraine

Some other regions of our country also keep up with the Zhytomyr region in the implementation of programs to stimulate the development of alternative energy.

For example, in the Ternopol region, at the expense of the local budget, 20 percent of the loan amount granted for the purchase of equipment for SES is compensate.

Vinnyts’ka also does not lag behind – here they refund 15 percent of the price of solar equipment from state money. The only condition is that the compensation payment must be up to UAH 25,000 in one hand and the loan registration must take place in Ukrgasbank.

In Lvov, the compensation payment is 10 percent of the loan amount for installation of SES. However, you cannot take more than 25,000.

Khmelnitsky’s authorities compensate at the expense of the budget 10 percent of the finances spent for the construction of SES. The main condition is that one person can get up to 50 000 hryvnia for his household.

In Brody, the local budget provides UAH 100,000 according to the provisions of the “Energy Saving Program”. The size of the compensation payment can reach 20 000 hryvnia per house.

How much compensation can I expect when I install a home SES?

To conduct calculations, take for example SES with a power of 10 kW. The cost of such a station is about 250 000 hryvnia. Residents of Zhytomyr and Ternopol region can count on the amount of 50 000 hryvnia. Residents of Vinnitsa and Lvov regions, Khmelnitsky and Brody cities will be paid UAH 25,000 each.


Algorithm for obtaining compensation payments

In order to clearly show the procedure for obtaining compensation, consider it on the example of the Zhytomyr region. Equipment for SES can buy for own or credit funds, respectively, and the procedure for issuing compensation, depending on the type of procurement, can change. If you bought equipment for your money, then you should follow the following procedure:

  1. Make your choice regarding the supplier of solar equipment.
  2. Select all that is necessary to install the SES and take an invoice.
  3. Buy equipment and mount it.
  4. Sign a contract with oblenergo.
  5. The Regional Administration should provide the following documentation:

– invoice;

– a certificate from oblenergo that you are connected to the network;

– Ukrainian passport;

– an identification number.

  1. Compensation must be receive on a personal bank account within 14-21 days.

If you preferred to purchase equipment for SES using credit funds, the following algorithm is for you:

  1. Select the equipment from the supplier and take the delivery note.
  2. To issue a loan in Ukrgazbank.
  3. Buy equipment and perform installation work.
  4. Sign a contract with oblenergo.
  5. The Regional Administration should provide the following documentation:

– invoice;

– a certificate from oblenergo that you are connected to the network;

– Ukrainian passport;

– an identification number.

  1. If the decision of the commission is in your favor, the compensation payment will be credite to the credit account.

Compensation is subject to the following types of equipment:

– solar modules

– Battery controllers

– fastening to the roof of the house

– inverters

– cables

– connectors

– electric boards

– accounting equipment

– equipment for protection

– switching devices.

The main thing is to find a reliable supplier

Techno center “Energy of Nature” is an official supplier of quality equipment for SES with different capacities. The company not only performs settlement work and performs the selection of equipment individually, sells and installs – the Techno center issues all the necessary documentation so that the client can receive a compensation payment from the state. On the website  Contacts for quick access by link


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