Hendershot generator – operates without fuel


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The Hendershot generator, also called the free energy generator, was introduce in the city of Toronto in 1981. Its creator is the American physicist-inventor Leicester J. Hendershot. The presentation by the inventor’s follower at the Congress on the energy of the gravitational field included explanatory material concerning the fact that the device is able to function using the Earth’s magnetic field. In addition, the speaker noted that the operation of the device depends on its placement relative to space and pole orientation.

The first information about the device is mention in the pages of Hendershot’s work for 1927-1930. In his work, he not only provided the circuits and described the principles of the device, but also told that he himself was able to assemble a generator of power of about 300 watts.

During development, several models of the generator were design, but until recently, the invention did not find its application.

To the indisputable advantages of the generator Hendershot can be attribute, in the first place, the lack of the need for fuel. Accordingly, the device does not have any dependencies on the fuel resource.

It should also be note that the device in no way has a negative impact on the environment and works without emitting a single noise. Among the advantages of the generator, you can undoubtedly highlight that it does not need any maintenance and saves considerable finances.

The original model of the generator was a pair of coils having inside the condenser. In addition, the package included a pair of transformers (parts from the old radio) and a magnet. It was important to adjust the coils in such a way that they stayed in resonance. Such an assembly variant could only be functional if it was oriented from the north to the south.

As a result, a device was obtained that could generate electricity. Electricity was enough to operate a small-sized engine. Actually, the inventor himself used it there. His invention Hendershot built into a toy airplane, which his son loved. The airplane thanks to the device could go up in the air and even fly for a while.

The generator circuit is show below:

There is another version of the generator:

The Hendershot generator, like any other device, has its drawbacks: the exact scheme of the device is not yet fully open, not everyone will be able to create a working structure.


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