The structure of the solar panel: tire, contacts, conductor


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Silicon solar panels have metal rectangles in their structure. They are called tires. The photovoltaic solar cell has printed tires on the front and back sides. The main function of the tires is securing the direct current. It in turn is generated by a solar electric cell.

Often, this element of the solar panel is made of silver plated copper. The silver that creates the shell serves to improve the conductivity if the bus is located at the front of the panel. At the same time, the silvered coating reduces the oxidation processes, located on the back of the panel.

At a 90-degree angle to the tires, there is a thin network of strips of similar elements made of metal. They form a grid. The function of these bands is to collect current and deliver it to the tires. The elements described above are called current contacts. They are applied to the sunscreen due to screen printing.

To get some voltage in the panel, the components must be connected in an established sequence. For comparison, you can imagine a consistent combination of batteries – each of the following adds voltage to the general scheme.

Soldering of conductors is made by hand or robot-stringer. They are combined with the tires and conduct the connection of individual elements (the resistance must be low and consistent; the operation is carried out serially with it).

The manufacture of conductors is made using the main material of copper wire with a rounded section. The process is made possible by the rolling of a wire, which is additionally coated with a solder, which ensures easy joining.

From solar cells lead conductors. The tapes are grouped together and connected to the tires (they must be in parallel in parallel). Tires, in turn, supply the total volume of current to the box unit of the modular device.

Wire tires are wider and thick compared to wires of conductors. This is because it has to withstand significantly higher voltage and current strength. Tires are made from copper raw materials.

When designing an external contact, an important role is played by maintaining the balance of loss of conductivity – reducing reflection. Losses of conductivity are caused by a rather wide dispersion of strips when forming a grid of a solar cell. Reduced reflection is due to the high proportion of metal in the surface coating.

The main parameters that are taken into account above all are:

– height of lanes;

– “cilia” of the solar element, more precisely, indicators of their width;

– bandwidth;

– the location of stripes and stripes (the distance between them);

– qualitative indicators of metal.

The production of solar cells is currently in the phase of rethinking and changing the design principles. In the future, this approach can significantly increase the efficiency of panels and their reliability. In addition, there may be a reduction in financial costs. This, above all, concerns the silver paste used for the production of tires.


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