Ukrainian solar power plants: where the building of the most powerful objects is being built


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SES on the territory of Ukraine actively replenishes the energy map of the country. And if earlier most of them were concentrated in the southern part of our state, now the geography of station expansion has expanded, and covers almost all areas.

According to the information published by representatives of the State Department of Energy Efficiency, over the past year the total capacity of the new solar power stations exceeded 210 megawatts. Such indicators are record-breaking for our country, since the year before the total power of the SES was about one hundred megawatts.

Power on the map of Ukraine

Over the past year, solar energy has received about $ 250 million in investment. This figure is twice as much as funding for 2016. If we make approximate calculations, we can conclude that one megawatts of new capacities cost investors $ 900,000.

Experts note that small and medium players are actively involved in the solar power sector of Ukraine at this stage. Firms that have just launched a new station or are in the process of building, often claim to power in the range of 5-10 megawatts. Foreign investors most often embody projects ranging from 10 megawatts.

For example, in the city of Nikopol, the SES cost almost 11 million euro. The project’s investor was a Canadian company within the framework of the Free Trade Agreement, which was signed with Ukraine a bit earlier. The construction of this facility gave the work of 25 local residents and enriched the local budget by two million hryvnias.

Foreign investors mainly invest in the construction of relatively small stations according to European standards. Global projects in the territory of Ukraine in the near future are not planned.

The largest representative of alternative energy in the market of our country remains CNBM Company from China. The director of the company last year stated that CNBM plans to issue ownership rights to ten SES. The total capacity of the facilities is 267 megawatts, and this is a third of the total power of the SES in our country. The second major player on the market is Rengy Development, owned by Yevlannik Sergey. Its solar park generates about 50 megawatts.

Ukrainian solar power plants by regions

The investor’s interest depends directly on the amount of the sun in a particular region. Secondary importance factors are the capacity of the power grids and the peculiarities of the policy of local authorities.

For example, last year the Ivano-Frankivsk region took second place in the growth of solar power plants. Although this region does not have a high level of solar radiation.

The largest Ukrainian solar power plants:


Located in Kilia. It has a capacity of 54.8 megawatts. The construction work was completely completed in 2014.


The location of the station is Rhine. Capacity – 43.4 megawatts. Completion of construction works is dated by 2013.


The solar station has a capacity of 43.14 MW. Located in the city of Artsize. Finishing of construction works – 2012.


The total capacity of this station is 42, 95 megawatts. It was built in 2012 in the village of Starokozach.


The station got the name from the city where it was built. Its power is 34, 14 megawatts. Construction work was completed in 2012.


This solar station is located in the city of Voznesensk, Mykolaiv region. Capacity – 29.3 megawatts. The completion of construction works – 2013.


This solar power plant is ranked the largest in the smallest. Its power is 9.8 megawatts. Located in the city of Skadovsk. Construction work there was completed in 2013.

Odessa region is the record holder for the total capacity of 241 megawatts. The maximum number of projects was launched in 2012 and 2013.

Kherson region broke records on the scale of Ukraine over the past year. The total capacity was 69 megawatts. The total power of solar objects located in the area is 98 megawatts.

There is quite a lot of sun in the Vinnytsia region, although it is not located in the south. There were installed 128 megawatts of solar power. The maximum number of new SES came to 2016. Their power reached the mark of 52 megawatts.


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