What does solar installer do and what are the prospects in Ukraine?


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Solar energy is developing rapidly in our country, and therefore, new professions associated with this field of activity are becoming increasingly popular.

What does solar installer do?

The Solar installer is engaged in the assembly, installation and support of the state of the systems of photovoltaic panels located on the roof of houses or other objects. Solar installers are still refer to as PV installers.

What is the working environment?

Preferably, the installation of solar panels is carry out under open-air conditions. Sometimes the solar installer works in an attic or slider condition properly install the panels. The PV installers go to the installation site.

What kind of education should a solar installer have?

It all depends on the employer’s requirements. Most PV installers have higher education, certified by appropriate diplomas. Such training can take place without interruption from the main work. Duration – about 12 months. Other institutes have an education program at college or college and for full-fledged activities in their niche. It is enough for them.

What is the pay?

It all depends entirely on the company in which the solar installer works. Specialists recommend that vacancies be considered, taking into account the quantitative indicators of solar radiation in the region where the workplace is provided. After all, the more the sun is in a particular area, the more people install solar panels. In addition, earnings solar installer directly depends on it.

On the territory of Ukraine, the leading position on insolation is Odessa Oblast. Technocenter «Energy of nature – green tariff» offers open vacancies for solar installers. You can contact the company’s representatives to discuss the details of the cooperation in the “Contacts” section (https://www.zeleniy-tarif.com).

What are the prospects of solar installers near Ukraine?

Experts in the field of alternative energy argue that the number of solar panels in the population will increase by 105% between 2016 and 2026. No other profession in our country implies such an expansion of the field of activity with such a short time. Qualified professionals at this time will be very in demand, and the payment of their labor will grow rapidly from year to year.

Three tips for installers PV:

  1. Expand your knowledge.

If you have already received a diploma in the specialty solar installer – this is not a reason to stop learning the information by profession. Alternative energy is developing at a very fast pace. The emergence of new technologies and advanced devices is sometimes difficult to trace. Be aware of the events and hold your hand on the pulse.

  1. Join the company.

Some experts try their hand in installing panels individually. If the Solar installer works in a team of professionals, then his chances of becoming a qualified specialist are only rising. Look for your place in a promising company, and your career will strive up.

  1. Find your field of activity.

Determine for yourself, what’s more important: to become a first-rate specialist or to work near your home? It happens that in a specialist’s place of residence it is difficult to find work due to the low amount of solar radiation in the region. Then it makes sense to find the most promising for this area and consider vacancies tied to it.


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