All the most important about inverters. Part two


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How to choose the best solar inverter?

Which photoelectric converter to choose? We can talk about two choices: either we customize the solar modules to the solar inverter, or adapt the inverter to the photovoltaic panels.

For maximum efficiency, choose an inverter that can handle between 90 and 110% of the installation. Other sources say that it is from 85 to 125%. In particular, this means that when installing a 3 kW solar panel, an inverter with a power of 2.7 kW to 3.3 kW is required. Why is that? Everything follows from the formula, which allows to calculate the power factor of the inverter – IR. The template looks like this:

inverter power factor IR = module field strength [Wp] * Inverter efficiency [%] / maximum inverter power [W]

We can get three results that show us whether the inverter is underloaded, loaded with a minimum or overloaded with power.

IR <100%, inverter with low values

IR = 100%, inverter loaded with rated power

IR> 100%, the inverter is overloaded on the DC side

However, for each installation it is necessary to calculate the optimal value. This is because it depends on many geoatmospheric factors, the type and orientation of the photovoltaic modules, and how to connect them to the inverter.

The average inverter weighs more than 10 kg, and its installation requires knowledge and experience. When it comes to assembly, we recommend that you turn to professionals.

Solar installation – do you need to monitor the operation of the system?

Installing solar panels along with all the necessary components and cables is part of the whole process. During use it is important to control all parameters of photovoltaic systems. Due to this, we get the optimal energy consumption and can respond to violations.

The easiest way, of course, is to read the data from the display, which reflects all the inverters on the market. However, these data are not always sufficient and complete. That is why many manufacturers and service providers have decided to use additional solutions and special software. Thanks to them, we can not only analyze, but also register the input and output parameters of the inverter, collect data and process them. All through universal network access. Advanced photoelectric converters can be connected to the network, which allows you to automatically transfer data to a data collection and processing center. The inverter owner can view this data using a website or a special application.

Inverter – the price and quality of a good product

There are many inverters from different companies on the market. The most popular ones are:

SMA (Germany)

SolarEdge (Israel)

Enphase (United States)

Fronius (Austria)

Omnick (China)

Goodwe (China)

They differ in many ways as well as in price. Many panel companies put up SMA because, according to the industry, they have good value for money. Models of this company are characterized by efficiency and reliability. However, in recent years, the SolarEdge brand has also risen to this higher level. You can not say that other products are much worse. Each brand has its own premium models that will interest demanding users.

The most important parameters of the solar inverter, which we should pay attention to:

– how fast it searches and maintains the MPP maximum power point

– how high the efficiency of the inverter is at partial load;

– how high the reliability of the device;

– in what temperature range the device can work – it is recommended for those who can work without problems with intervals (from -25 ° C to + 60 ° C);

– how easy it is to manage and control the device, whether it has a remote panel and access to historical data;

– whether it meets all quality and safety standards;

– whether the service is in place or at a distance that can be easily overcome or can be overcome by the service team, it is also important that the service be located in our country.


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