Development and construction of a network of technology centers: a practical guide


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Now the home solar and wind stations are becoming more popular. The state is trying in every way to contribute to this process, introducing a number of programs to support the population. The issue of installing SES in the yard is quite capacious and requires a clear algorithm of actions in order to have an understanding of what and what to do to get the maximum benefit as a result. The most important point of this issue is the search for a reliable and responsible partner.

What is needed to continue to make a significant profit from the sun or wind?

  1. The desire to develop their own business and the desire to become an independent entrepreneur.
  2. A rented plot of land or its own (does not matter where it is located – in the village or in the city).
  3. Buy a modular station. Options for the acquisition can be two – for their own funds or at the expense of credit. Banking institutions that support the state program to stimulate renewable energy in Ukraine provide favorable conditions for loans for the construction of these stations.

The loan conditions developed by banks provide a chance for absolutely all household owners to purchase and install a turnkey SES or heat pump on a turn-key basis. At the same time, the contribution relative to the full price for the project will be minimal.


4. Sign an agreement with the company “Energy of Nature – Green Tariff” and start making profits.

Opportunities that are revealed to the owner of the station:

– a significant reduction in payments for energy carriers;

– realization of surpluses in the general network for a “green” tariff (now for solar stations it is 18 euro cents per kilowatt-hour);

– the lack of dependence on the increase in the price of gas or electricity (in addition, the owner of the SES will no longer be affected by power outages or outages due to network failures);

– the opportunity to become a partner and get a chance:

  1. sell energy efficient solutions in your region;
  2. engage in the installation of SES and WEC under the auspices of the company “Energy of Nature – Green Tariff”;
  3. purchase equipment for the work of stations at dealer cost;
  4. to receive free training and raising the qualification level in the field of renewable energy.

– no risk of losing investment, because the wind and the sun never end and do not change the terms of cooperation.

At the moment, support for the state program for the development of renewable energy is provided by Oschadbank and Ukragazbank. Concerning favorable conditions for loans for the construction of SES from Oschadbank, we already wrote earlier.

It should be noted that the investments invested in the project are returned within 5-7 years, provided that you do not perform installation work for the SES and WEEE.
Payback depends on the number of connected stations.

The sales offices of the Technocenter “Energy of Nature – Green Tariff” are located at: Odessa region, the village of Novaya Dofinovka, Kurortnaya street, 53 (road map .

To find out more information on the establishment and acquisition of stations, you can use the Internet resources –  and


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