Another Life: Spiers New Technologies develops advanced processes for the conversion of batteries


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The company Spiers New Technologies (SNT) little more years, its founder was concentrated in the formation of bargaining and technology for the purpose of re-use batteries before all other agents of significant business. Dirk Spiers is one with the most ardent people in the EV industry. As well as numerous businesspersons, he, similarly, has an accurate understanding of this, where his technique is extremely popular, and about this, as well as its distribution will immediately happen.

From the launch phase of Nissan LEAF and Chevy Volt in 2010, I heard a large number of conversations about probable programs for the purpose of secondary application of battery structures, if the period of the machine’s operation approached the end. The EV re-consumption batteries in the commercial additions guarantee the possibility for the purpose of high-performance energy-saving products to have a significantly lower cost. Approximately ten years on the way, the element-heteropolar accumulation remains only TWENTY-THIRD% with its initial strength. This has a huge role for the purpose of many non-automotive companies, thus, as well as preserving the energy acquired from the heavenly body and the marshmallow will require quite significant investments. Increasing battery life will be the latest turn in the events of another energy industry.

SNT is one with a few firms, which are swiftly carry away by reproofing batteries. One with the key fuller of the company is self-optimization of the use of batteries in cars and their further use after processing.

The president of the firm, Dirk Spears, and the head of the engineering department, Brian Schulz, shared their distinctive features with their own projects.

Dirk Spiers said that they refer to the reuse of batteries by running the current cycle with the aim of modern battery concepts, and they provide a range of “4 R” services in this relationship – recovery, renewal, renewal and secondary use.

This procedure begins with the resumption of the core, which according to the essence is the battery, the output of the structure of the machine. The firm can help auto manufacturers transport all the applied kernels without exception to a certain role and control them in an object of various security issues. In the present period, according to the speeches of the firm’s agents, the largest number of applications is from dealers who make sure changes in the batteries according to the expiration of the experiencing time.

If the electric battery was pulled from the car with-because of the difficulty with the pledge, the experts proceed from the consideration of the cause-effect relationships, in order to establish, rather than question, and then to correct it.

The next step will be selection among resumption, repair or secondary processing. The restoration consists in this, in order to renew the battery in accordance with its initial specification, the resumption is the procedure for restoring the functions of the devices in the most recent configuration, and the secondary application is this establishment of the capabilities of the second order of operation for the purpose of the battery.

In any case, it is very important to systemize the capital of cells, modules and packaging. This stage of the score and someone is very significant, because this provides a basis for establishing this, as well as more generally to apply batteries in the future.

When the battery has a significant wear, and almost no existence in it previously did not remain (or the customer testifies, that does not seek to change the battery according to this or that or factor), during processing it tears up to minimal probable elements and process them all without exception.

Representatives of the company call the range of their own services “Buffet”, in which case there is any consumer able to pick up directly these transformations, which he needs in personal mode. Some want to use the whole set according to the renewal of the batteries, and some quite the evaporation of the components.

Bryan Schultz: “I experience a full few subjects, including power, spiritual opposition and response. These characteristics can change very much due to this, as well as at first the electric battery was use. I examine to which concepts a specific set of battery designs is attached, and then we form a personal set of devices in order to find out whether one or another of these characteristics is significant for the purpose of secondary use. All without exception, this is dependent on the specific chemistry in the battery, and I work with different materials used, similar to the purpose of metal-metal hydride or heteropolar elements.

I often see batteries, which according to the old are excellent, due to the deduction of one difficulty, which required a whole error. Typically, this is a thermistor failure or a pin in the tire that gets rid of. Such an electric battery is consider a good candidate for the purpose of correction and is send after our intervention back to the car.

On the other hand, I also see a large number of batteries, which have cell degradation according to all trends. As a rule, this is quite strong batteries, but they are not very good, in order to find justification for a return to the car. As a rule, the factor is the reduction of capacity with-due to obsolescence. Imagine a battery for yourself that there were 80,000 miles on the road, and then, in that case, not in any way interconnected with the batteries, there is no effect, for example, on a thermistor. Since the car has such a decent motor race, all the cells in the battery are activate without exception. In the event that the mediator does the actions according to the change in the battery in the car, one, like the principle, replaces it with the most recent modification.

According to the accumulation of energy, not all fixed devices are equal. Mitigating the output signals from a huge cloudless battery is quite a difficult goal for the purpose of the battery with-because of this, to what extent the output can be swap instantly. For this reason, if you have a degraded electric battery, it is possible to use it again, for example, in a room, which will require a little energy. In a similar way, the electric battery will act as the additional feeding key in the period of interruptions.”

Expert’s note, what is very important in the current batteries are their property and safety. In a certain family, it is more appropriate to have ten NOS modules that constantly function as well as time, rather than possess a production with TEN, in which 8 function perfectly, and 2 are in no way suitable. This is another factor why the capital analysis of the battery is so significant, because the lover gives the opportunity to re-compose something in such a case together, the presence of circumstance, that all without exception elements in a labor stay. In this case, the battery life will increase many times.

Dirk Spiers: “I think it’s possible to say with full certainty that I’m more correctly understood with the rule of the second existence, rather than who else or in the trade sphere. We now have the most 80 000 square feet, timed to absolutely all of our progressive services for the renewal and consideration of batteries. I also create and test motionless concepts of energy conservation. “


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