Fuel-free technologies


    Fuel-free technologies consider getting energy (mechanical, electrical, thermal) is not in the traditional way, without the use of hydrocarbons from the sun, wind, water, heat the earth’s depths, etc.
    Father fuel-free technologies is considered to be a scientist, researcher and inventor Nikola Tesla. Invented by scientists in 1892. resonant transformer, in which the input energy was an order of magnitude less than the output, considered the beginning of the era of fuel-free technologies. This invention is widely reported in the press. Tesla has introduced such a thing as an ethereal source. But Tesla’s invention is very frightened US bankers who feared the development of fuel technology. Since they would be forced out of traditional sources of energy and, consequently, income. Therefore, after the US bankers of the meeting dedicated to the electrification of the country, the work of the scientist were withdrawn from libraries and spoke patents. Followers of the Tesla who conducted experiments on the air, have been harassed by the authorities.
    However, no matter how trying to ban the development of fuel-free technologies and to disseminate the myth of their great danger, they still preserved and today are developing dynamically. Tesla said that his invention would serve humanity in 100 years. After 100 years, we see the flourishing of alternative energy.
    Today, there are a few dozen fuel-free technologies. They soon will make it possible to abandon the traditional sources of energy, world stocks are steadily depleted. It will make it possible to produce energy at the same time, without polluting and without harming the environment.

    Of the dozens I want to draw attention to the most popular areas in the future:
    1. Generators based Tesla transformer. An example may be a generator Kapanadze and Markov device. The basis of the first vortex effect put on the air, and the latter as a basis for taking a toroidal transformer.
    2. Engines running on Brown’s gas. The basic principle of operation of a resonance splitting of water in an electric field. Most of the energy required to decompose water obtained from the turbulent air movement. An example can be Yu.Krasnova operation in which water is split by cavitation.
    3. Genratory, electricity generation during the motion of the magnets in a very non-uniform magnetic field. The most striking developments are based on this technology is the generator “Testatika”, “Perendev” and “Lyutek” etc. Energy production is based on the fact that while driving is very inhomogeneous magnetic field, forces complementary Ampere. This effect is expressed by Maxwell. However, in the early 20th century, this equation has been removed from textbooks. A generator “Perendev” and even produced a large number of in Germany, but its use is very tightly controlled by the companies that produce them.

    From the viewpoint of thermodynamics, these generators are devices for converting energy from the random motion of particles or perpetual motion machines of the second kind. However, the operation of such generators do not fit into the framework of thermodynamics and statistical physics.
    Today, these technologies are already operating in a number of European countries. And even in the Swiss capital city of refuge it is equipped with devices fuelless energy. All this proves once again that there is no danger of these technologies if they are used correctly. The development and use of fuel-free technologies that will eliminate the use of hydrocarbons and other traditional energy sources, and become completely energy independent.