Absorber for a solar collector


    Absorber for a solar collector is a device, which essentially convert solar energy into thermal energy. Then there is the transfer from the surface of the solar panel carrier. Absorbers are of different configuration and material is a glass or copper, less aluminum. Often they are made in the form of thin metal plates and are connected to the heat exchanger. The absorber could be the heat exchanger, moreover, it is made from copper, but it gets very little sunlight. And the canister is made in the form of plates covering entire heat exchanger, thereby increasing the area of solar impact and the efficiency of the entire installation. The device is always installed in the most illuminated by the solar rays equipment. This coating not only gives a greater absorption, but also prevents back radiation.

    There are several methods of applying the absorptive coating, two of the most common:
    1. the method of spraying or as it is called the “blue layer”;
    2. the method of galvanization or “black chrome”.

    The ability to absorb various coatings are almost identical, but the radiation can vary, and also differ coating resistant to atmospheric agents and wear, which directly affects the lifespan and thermal properties of solar panels.
    If we denote the absorptive capacity α, and a radiation – ε, it is possible to see the characteristics of different types of coating absorbers in percent
    %d0%b1%d0%b5%d0%b7%d1%8b%d0%bc%d1%8f%d0%bd%d0%bd%d1%8b%d0%b9The absorbers have a few modifications. For use in flat solar panels are used:
    – Pen or collector type. In constructions of this modification are provided pipes which are attached to the plates. The tubes are joined together and shaped like a harp.
    – A sheet type. The distribution system is different, mainly in that modification is used the stamping method. But this function can perform and the elements of the collector type and meander tube.
    The installation of tubular construction equipped with the same modifications of adsorbers, and flat.
    – Pen type. In installations of tubular design processes of adsorption and heat transfer occur in a similar way as in flat constructions panels.
    – A sheet the absorber. In this modification, the absorption of solar energy is on the glass surface of the bulb, as sputtering is performed over the entire surface of the flask. Heat transfer is implemented by a touch of glass tubes with terminals of the equipment.
    Absorbers require the use of as consisting of a solar collector, or as a separate element. Absorbers are combined in blocks and then they may be installed on the roofs of houses or brick facade or even a standalone install. Also the devices are equipped with fittings that allows the design to change the position in 360 ° and fixed, and the tightness of the connection. While the use of special fitting makes possible the connection of several absorbers to increase the surface area of absorption.