Рower plant Оvsyankina


    Wave power plant Оvsyankina receives electrical energy by converting energy of waves in the sea area and has a number of structural and technical differences in comparison with other designs of wave power plants. The power plant designed and built by the Ukrainian company “KROK-1” and directed the work of V. Ovsyankin. She has a patent in Ukraine, but in the future it is possible to obtain patents for the modernization of the plant, even abroad
    One of the main differences is that Anoprienko system are completely underwater and are part of the aquatic environment. When the waves pass, is the movement of some volume. Receiving elements catch these volumes by hydrodynamic pressure. Next on the shafts of the installation formed a torque that is converted and transmitted to the generator shaft with the transmission.
    Ovsyankina power station consists of modular design. Therefore, on a plot of 1 km can be set up to 24 modules. These modules can be combined in different amounts. For example, to combine all modules into one big power plant or grouped in 6 modules four power plants. Quantitative Association depends on the project and the desired result.

    The plant is manufactured in two versions:
    1. for a closed sea, in this case, the power reaches 0.5 MW;
    2. for the open sea, with a capacity of 1 to 2 MW.

    When calculating the power and module size for power plant always studies the potential of the waters in which you plan to install. The water area should be not less than 25m depth, open waves, and to be at the minimum possible distance from energopotreblenija object. With a substation on land the power plant is connected with an electric cable. The most suitable water area long-term seasonal unrest of the sea and a large energy potential.
    The design of the system is designed in such a way that is particularly reliable in operation even during a storm, thanks to the permeability of the waves and the ability to dive.
    High efficiency of the power station occurs on the short wave length of about 2m with a height of 0.6 m, the capacity of which produced up to 2-3kW.

    Wave power plant ovsyankina has several advantages:
    – it is mobile, at any time can be moved to the desired point in the water space:
    – has great speed during the storm;
    electricity, which is produced by the power plant, has a low cost;
    the plant is quite resource-intensive;
    – it possesses high efficiency, because the design of the energy-absorbing elements are very flexible and constantly changes its parameters under the influence of incoming waves;
    also capital costs to a very low level.

    The qualitative use of energy waves creates the opportunity to intensively develop the infrastructure and facilities of coastline, while preserving the ecology of the region.