Aqua fireplace


    Aqua fireplace is a novelty in the field of heating appliances operating on wood pellets. Also, this system is equipped with a water circuit. These fireplaces are perfect for country houses and city apartments. The fireplace connects to any water circuit, whether it be radiators or warm water floors. Fuel are pellets. It is an environmentally friendly fuel, it is natural and also safe. Loading of fuel in the fireplace is fully automated, so the use of such a heating system is very convenient and easy. The tank capacity is enough for one load of fuel, the fireplace has worked continuously for 1 – 2 days. Heating occurs by means of an open fire. It heats the circuit and the air, the air returns to the room, and not emitted through a flue, which allows a few to save resources. System the fireplace can be open and closed. The open type system is based on the emissions in the heating system of the premises, the heated water from the system the fireplace and in the system of the closed type circulation of liquid occurs inside аqua fireplace. Fireplaces of this type are in most cases used as an additional source of heating the house, but not rare cases when аqua fireplace used as a standalone heating source. This heating system is very convenient, reliable and safe since the whole operation process аqua fireplace control electronics.
    Аqua fireplace very simple to arrange. It consists of a metal firebox with a wall thickness of 4 to 6 mm and a water circuit. Water circuit is a system of tubes, which are located between the walls of the furnace. When burning fuel, the heated working fluid. The heating temperature can be adjusted by means of special sensors, which are аqua fireplace. When the temperature reached the desired level, depending on the view of the fireplace the water is discharged into the surge tank or heating system. The fireplace surround a tank for fuel, allowing you to upload up to several kilograms of fuel. In the lower part of the heater is the air intake. Due to the fact that the air is not heated in the furnace, it does not burn oxygen. It has a beneficial effect on the indoor climate. Mode of operation the fireplace can be controlled remotely, since the set it comes with a remote. On the front panel аqua fireplace has an LCD display. It gives the ability to program the machine to work at desired parameters. The fireplace has a door made of a material which prevents the deformations caused by temperature changes. Also the door is equipped with a reliable lock that prevents accidental opening.
    Аqua fireplace has both advantages and disadvantages.

    The advantages include:
    – Рlace for installing a fireplace does not require any special requirements.
    – Assembly compatible with other heating sources.
    – Uses environmentally friendly fuel – pellets, and has a convenient loading system.
    – Increased efficiency due to the presence of the furnace closed.
    – As the walls do not overheat the fireplace, the possibility of burn, therefore, it is safe.
    – Installation of this heating system is very simple and does not require specific knowledge.
    – Very attractive and blends easily in any decor.

    But the disadvantages include the following:
    – Аqua fireplace better to use together with another type of heating.
    – Since fuel loading is automatic and the duration of its burning may be the day, but sometimes that is not enough time and need to be loaded with fuel.