Insolation is the radiation of the Earth’s surface sunlight. Insolation is different in different regions of the world, as and activity, and the intensity of sunlight is different, too. Insolation allows us to estimate the amount of electromagnetic energy that we receive.
    Solar energy is a very important aspect of maintaining life, comfortable living, etc. But the lack of insolation triggers the ailment and various diseases. But solar energy is not only used to sustain and a comfortable stay, but also as a source of heat and electricity. Insolation depends on many factors such as latitude, how high is shone on the horizon, the amount of tilt of the earth’s surface.
    The light level in the natural light of the room in the daytime, is determined by how comfortable a person to be in this room. It includes not only the amount of solar energy that penetrates into the room for a certain period of time (a day or used in the calculations of insolation at a certain period according to the calendar approved by the standard). The concept of insolation includes photobiological effect. He is that once in the room, the sunlight produces a bactericidal effect, ie a kind of disinfection, so the room with a sufficient level of sun exposure is beneficial to health. After a series of experiments, the scientists came to the conclusion that for a comfortable stay in the room a sufficient level of insolation within 1.5 hours, with enough lighting of the sill, not the premise. The level of insolation is sufficient for a comfortable stay in the room shall be determined by regulations. They are also used in the construction of residential and administrative buildings, industrial premises and so on. Geographic location depends on the light level. There are several regions: Central, North and South latitude. Calculate the level of insolation by several methods economic and geometric methods, as well as manually and using special software.
    But in alternative energy solar radiation level is very important. As solar energy is directly dependent on the flow of sunlight, the insolation is dependent on the efficiency of solar cells. The higher the insolation, the higher the efficiency of solar power systems. However, the exposure depends on the time of day, so with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the latest geliosistem equipped with trackers that rotate battery, thus allowing to capture more solar energy. Solar power plant sensitive to light levels, so these units are additionally equipped with special batteries. The device of energy accumulation enable you to align the efficiency of solar panels and to minimize the lack of light. In the southern geographical area where throughout the year the level of insolation is high enough, the need for such batteries are almost there.