Tank battery for solar collectors


    Tank battery for solar collectors desired item, from the correct selection depends on how effectively will work of the solar collectors. The choice should be approached seriously, as to the choice of the collector. To the tank contributed to the effectiveness of solar collector you need to pay attention to 3 parameters:
    – Tank shape. The greater the height of the container, the liquid would be better to exfoliate on the temperature indicators. In practice, such decomposition is as follows: cold water is localized in the lower part of the tank, squeezing in the upper part of the heated water. From the upper part of the accumulation tank hot water goes to the consumer’s use for domestic purposes. That was a good stratification of the water the optimum ratio of tank height to diameter should be greater than 2.5 to 1. For example, if there is a tank volume of 300 liters with a diameter of 65cm, based on the above ratio, the height of the tank should be about 175cm. Thermal stratification of the fluid (thermal stratification), it is very important for productive work in the solar system because heat accumulators further be equipped with coils as a backup source of heat.
    The efficiency of the solar collector is enhanced by the coil which is equipped with the tank. The coil heats the liquid and under the influence of the thermal stratification is raised to the upper part of the container, which is the selection of the liquid. Therefore, in the lower part remains liquid at low temperature. This process of heating water in the lower part and lifting it in the upper part is cyclic. But the manifold is equipped with a tank with two coils, located at the top and bottom and allows the consumer to be constantly with hot water and not experience interruptions. When the intensity of the sun’s heat is not enough that the coil which is connected to this loop heated water, include a duplicate coil. It is located at the top of the tank and heats the liquid that is in it. That’s why tanks with dual coils are more reliable and productive. If the tank has only one coil, for this reason it has installed a heating heater.
    – Insulation. It plays a big role in retaining heat, and therefore for the efficient operation of a solar system, without the cost of extra energy to heat a fluid. Insulation tank needs to be reliable and to protect the tank from heat loss and moisture, have low thermal conductivity and hydroponically. For insulation is used polyurethane foam. To insulation was good, the thickness of the thermal insulation material shall not be less than 100mm, and the conductivity should correspond to a value of more than 0.035 W/MK. With these parameters, the heat loss will be about 2 – 3 degrees, which is a valid value.
    – Size of heat exchangers. Given that the collector does not constantly generates heat energy, the heat exchangers need to count so that they can effectively operate in the mode of low temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the area of heat exchangers when there is insufficient solar lighting. Proportionality between the area of the working surface of the collector and the area of the coil is approximately 1 to 5.
    Given all these parameters, the tanks selected according to these parameters will contribute to the effective robot across the solar system, increase its efficiency, and the consumer will be constantly secured and uninterrupted hot water.