Batteries for wind turbines


    Batteries for wind turbines in modern devices is one of the main elements. Since the wind is not constant and electricity consumption also fluctuates, the batteries provide efficient and reliable operation of the entire system of the wind farm.
    Selected types of battery that are ideal for wind turbines on a number of parameters. Plays a big role, what type of device will be used, and this depends on the allowable number of cycles of discharge of the battery. It is also important the battery capacity and the nominal voltage of the network where the device will be used. But the rest of the parameters have more impact on user preferences, such as manufacturer and cost.

    Among the variety of batteries that are suitable for use in wind farm can be divided into four types:
    generator1Car starter batteries, distinguished by its simplicity. In turn, they are divided into the served and those not served. Batteries that are serviced, have a duty cycle of up to 100 discharge. You also need to regularly check the electrolyte level every year and add distilled water. And batteries that are not maintained are also called sealed. They are designed for a cycle of 200 discharge and at the expiration of this time they must be disposed of.
    %d0%b3%d0%b5%d0%bd%d0%b5%d1%80%d0%b0%d1%82%d0%be%d1%802AGM batteries are made by special technology. It’s a sealed battery with acid electrolyte. In the manufacture of these devices uses absorbent glass mats and a simple plate. They are similar to the previous species by the presence of the electrolyte. However, in this type of battery, the electrolyte is not in liquid state, and they are impregnated with special mats. Moreover, the mats perform the role of dielectric pillars. This kind of devices is very sensitive to recharge and is designed for 250-400 discharges.
    gelevaya3Gel batteries are devices that are not serviceable. Refers to a type of chemical source of electricity. Like the previous species, this battery is very sensitive to the recharges. Due to the fact that the electrolyte is added silicon dioxide (special thickener, or silica gel) these batteries are fully sealed. These batteries are resistant to deep discharge and number of discharge cycles, which is calculated for the battery is about 350.
    pantsirnye4Tubular batteries are considered to be the development of a new generation. They are made with new technology and features their operation better than the predecessors. It is also a sealed device with a large work cycle. The number of cycles of discharge varies from battery type and is in the range from 900 to 1500 discharges. Plate electrodes (in the form of tubes) are protected by rods, which are made of polymers and are resistant to the influence of acid.

    When choosing a battery for a wind turbine should take into account the fact that in the cold season the temperature decreases by 1 degree also decreases and the battery capacity by 1%. Also note that when storing the batteries without recharging every day, the capacity of the device will decrease by 1%.
    Based on the above presented types of batteries, it is possible to choose the optimal variant of the device, which will be suitable for this wind farm, and meet price, quality and service life.