Controller for solar energy system


    Controllers for solar energy systems is a mandatory device for controlling the operation of a solar system or heating. Some controllers equipped with additional functions control the thermal processes in the overall system. The sensors, which are equipped with the whole solar system, transmit information to a controller, and it is based on it selects the optimal operation of the solar system. From the right settings of controller parameters depends on the efficiency and reliability of the whole system.

    All controllers, regardless of type, have common characteristics:
    1. The flow of coolant in the system is adjusted automatically, due to the fact that the controller controls the operation of the circulation pump. This allows the system to work stably and rapidly gaining the desired temperature. Due to the fact that the controller reduces power consumption of the circulation pump, the solar system reduces electricity costs. The increase in working time in the evening and morning, and in the sunless days, gives the production of additional energy. The use of controllers in solar power systems have collectors to protect them from overheating under the summer sun. Therefore, it is possible to increase the capacity of the solar system, due to the larger number of collectors.
    2. Versatility. Almost all kinds of collectors are compatible with solar systems intended for different purposes (hot water, heating, etc.).
    3. Control and correction of parameters of the solar system is in remote mode. It happens that way. Once per day the controller sends to the server management company information that contains all the information about the system. The operator analyzes it, in case of any deviations from the norm carry out remote correction parameters, at least go to the site for the purpose of adjustment in manual mode.
    4. The reliability of the device is ensured by the selection of component materials. The controller has a very tight case made of polycarbonate that protects the device from ingress of moisture. All devices are production tested on the latest equipment in order to avoid getting defective products in the implementation.
    5. Modes of operation the solar system is very simple to control. The device on the front panel has a display panel that displays the entire working cycle of the system. Controller, no need to configure. All settings for efficient operation of a solar system installed by professionals during installation.
    6. The memory is protected from sudden power failure. If the power suddenly disappears, the controller does not reset your settings. When food appears, the device starts to work normally.
    7. The ability to monitor the system. The device is equipped with a data bus that connects to the unit online monitoring. This gives you the opportunity to accumulate information about the system, to make them statistics and view. In most controllers, integrated SD-memory card on which is recorded information about temperature and relay status in the process of operation of the system.

    All programmed into the controller functions fulfill the tasks assigned to the solar system. The device provides reliable, effective and efficient operation of a solar system. The controllers have a lot of circuits, different variants of the selection parameters, you can control indoor environment in conjunction with traditional sources of control.