Stringer – tape is fully automatic machine which connects the solar cells by soldering without mechanical and thermal loads. The machine is equipped with infrared, laser or induction pausin device and adapted to combined the art of soldering. The system is optimized for soldering photovoltaic solar cells and enables to achieve very high quality. Take a closer look at stringer, equipped with infrared pausin device.
    The infrared device is equipped with a system of high-precision temperature control, which allows to provide uniform heating, easy temperature control, low thermal gradient and a low degree of cooling of solder.
    The system for contactless soldering of positioned visually. Solar panels and solar heaters soldered in one smooth motion of the robot, which significantly reduces mechanical stress in the manufacturing process. There is a possibility of selection of parameters of soldering and the choice of optimal parameters greatly reduces the temperature difference.
    Stringer is equipped with a precise system processing, visual positioning and control system. The machine also has a highly efficient, stable robotic system. Infrared soldering iron is held with a special device. Equipment maintenance the machine is convenient and fast. Bistrorestaurant parts and mechanisms is achieved through the presence of the viewing window from the main mechanical components of a stringer, so maintenance can be performed by the operator.
    The robotic system uses high repetition accuracy and stability of the robot. The robot performs the alignment function of the cell, the precise placement and additional flucinolone, this ensures full convergence of contact cells and ribbons.

    Soldering methods and optimal parameters
    Adjustable parameters soldering:
    1. You can adjust the parameters of the soldering under the cell type (5 inch/6 inch, 2 busbar or 3 busbar), the replacement occurs in less than half an hour;
    2. With curve on the temperature chart you can monitor the temperature of the soldering;
    3. The main adjustable parameters (soldering temperature, cooling temperature and the degree of heating) is uniform and continuous, it minimizes the frequency of breakage.

    The soldering process
    The soldering process takes place in three stages, so the soldering station works in three main areas: advanced soldering station, directly soldering and cooling. These three stages of the entire active area of the cell gradually brought to the desired temperature, not just the areas of soldering. This prevents a sharp change in the temperature of the cell at the time of filing it under the soldering station reduces the incidence of chipping of the edge.

    Work with small parts, which requires precision of execution of work, and prevent defects in the finished products always involves the automated systems of quality control. To this end, the stringer is equipped with positioning equipment, cells, alignment, defect detection, and processing the obtained image of the working area. Thanks to the high performance security cameras, was reached the precise positioning of cells, the inspection of tires on a tear, chipped and scrapped the edges of the cell.

    Noncontact flux dispenser
    Non-contact soldering is equipped with a special electromagnetic valve, a system control flow of the flux. On the site of the soldering inspection system flow flux regulates and controls the spraying of the flux, which allows soldering to take place efficiently and thus decreases the area of physical impact.

    Functions of the system processing generally carry out the clamping and cutting mechanisms, they have the following advantages:
    Tape is always fixed by a clamp to ensure precise positioning and straightness.
    The mechanism prevents kinking of the tape, pulling it to plastic deformation. This ensures that the forward direction of the tape.
    – Tape machine can automatically bend the tape in order to minimize physical stress on the edge of the cell.
    – Control system of the tape clamp may independently control the clamp, the entire length of it stretching, which reduces its handling.

    All stringers regardless of what system you have rations equipped have common characteristics:
    1. high quality soldering over the entire surface of the cell;
    2. the ability to change cell size in less than 30 minutes;
    3. prevention of temperature drop, due to pre-heating the cell before soldering;
    4. stretching of the ribbon before soldering;
    5. flux is sprayed on the cell;
    6. the stringers feature a touchscreen with built-in computer;
    7. Troubleshooting online using the touch screen;
    8. adjustable centre distance between cells;
    9. minimal maintenance and execution of maintenance work;
    10. interfaced with other equipment.

    The production capacity of the stringers vary from 500 cells/hour to 1500 cells/hour (high-speed stringers). The defect rate is about 0.3% of the total number of cells produced per hour. Weight and size dimensions of the stringers depend on the production capacity of the machine.
    The use of the latest technologies allows us to improve and enhance the quality of the soldering, it has developed a machine which harvested a double-sided solar cells, and delicate soldering allows you to make a more subtle design of solar cells.