Foil insulation


    One of the main conditions for rational use of energy is the elimination of heat loss. To heat loss to eliminate or minimize, you need all the parts of the heating and hot water systems that are susceptible to heat loss, insulated or warmed. For this purpose, excellent foil insulation. It is a special material which has one or two – sided coating of highly polished foil. Also the coating contains an aluminum layer, but may be instead of aluminum and metalized film of polypropylene. Such insulation is due to the presence of metal and a good polishing of the surface reaches 97% reflection.
    When choosing foil insulation you first need to make sure that the coating is made of aluminum foil rather than spraying. Because the coating has the desired effect, and in some cases generally useless. To pick up the insulation you need based on what the requirements for insulation and weatherization. Basically, these heaters are suitable for all objects. The cost of regular insulation is about the same as normal. However, choosing foil insulation saving considerable time on installation. Because the insulation is thinner than normal, they do not “steal” space, and is completely safe for the environment and refractory.

    Among the variety of such insulation, you should select the most common and well-proven:
    Mineral wool foil shell. This insulation is a layer of mineral wool based insulation and sheath of aluminum foil. An insulating material is applicable in any region, as it is fireproof and completely eco-friendly. It is produced in three forms: rolls, sheets and cylinders. Especially well established for thermal insulation of baths and saunas, and for the insulation of pipes well suited cylindrical heater.
    Polyethylene foam with a foiled wrapper. Polyethylene foam is a material consisting of a large number of layers of the coated foil. However, this type of insulation for greater ease of installation often comes with a adhesive side. It can also be used in any field, but the most success he got for insulation in the walls, floors, ceilings, ventilation systems, different pipes.
    Basalt foil insulation. Based on his basalt material covered with a sheath of aluminum foil. Such insulation can be used not only for thermal insulation of residential building elements, but also can be used in industry. It is possible for the reason that this insulation is resistant to aggressive environment, withstanding temperature range of -200º to 700º.
    Polystyrene in a shell of foil. This type of insulation is very well-proven insulation for the water floors. It prevents the loss of heat of the heating elements. Also withstands temperature range of -180º to 180º.

    The foil insulation from aluminum to ensures the reliable and efficient operation of systems that produce energy at home and at work.

    They have a number of advantages:
    – can be effectively applied in a wide range of temperatures:
    – not afraid of moisture and resistant to reflection;
    – completely eco-friendly and safe for the environment;
    – excellent performance on insulation of steam, moisture and heat;
    – very easy and simple to install.