Smart window


    Smart window is a novelty in the market of PVC windows, which allows you to adjust the light in the room. Like traditional windows, they protect the building from noise, bad weather, performs the function of thermal insulation. The development of smart windows has been ongoing for about 15 years, because the production technology is complex. For this reason, only large companies are engaged in the manufacture of such windows.
    Smart window consists of two panes of glass. Panels covered with a special membrane which has conductive properties. This coating has a high sensitivity to bright sunlight. Membrane during the day depending on the brightness of the light changes color. Color varies from transparent to fully darkened (tinted). The power windows can be of two types, conventional or grid embedded in the window solar panels. The second method allows the windows does not depend on the interruption of electricity.
    Automatic adjustment of illumination allows you to adjust the brightness of the light of lighting devices and light transmission window membranes.
    Dutch firm in addition equipped with windows special geomembrane. With the help of their solar energy is accumulated and converted into electrical. This gives you the opportunity to provide electricity for continuous reliable and efficient and smooth running of window system. Also made the window more energy to fuel appliances.
    Since the system smart window is fully automated, the management can be done remotely using the remote. Also inherent in the function programming, which allows you to set the desired functions, such as closing and opening windows.
    The principle of operation of the window is that the membrane coating, depending on the level of illumination on the street, block or let the sunlight in. This is due to the fact that the membrane is darkened to the desired level to achieve comfortable conditions indoors.
    The latest membrane that covers the window consists of electrochromic material, which controls up to 80% visible light and 95% of infrared radiation. Rebuilding windows from the skip mode of the light to the lock mode is very fast, and is about several seconds. Also very pleased that due to the fact that smart windows are fully automated, they are very easy to integrate into the system of smart home.

    Smart windows use glass of four types:
    1. Electrochromic glass are blocking sunlight and heat up to 98%. The ability to transmit light is altered under the action of electric current.
    2. LCD glass consume significant amounts of energy. They look slightly blurred, but when viewing on light transparent.
    3. Photochromic glasses do not block the pass heat, but very sensitive to changes in brightness and automatically adjust the bandwidth.
    4. Thermochromic glass reflect the sun’s heat and instantly react to sunlight, cooling the glass and reducing the costs for air conditioning.