Infrared heating


    Infrared heating is a new and modern type of heating that uses infrared radiation. This type of heating differs from our traditional diversity is the fact that heating does not use the coolant and warms the air, and heating occurs by means of the rays. Today noted that this heating system in the future has good prospects.
    The usual heating systems work on the principle of heating the air in the room. This heating occurs by recoil radiators of heat, which comes in turn from the coolant. Similarly, the floor heating system gives up its heat, thereby heating the air in the room. The essence of such heating is based on the fact that for a given space there is a circulation of heated air. Infrared heating works perfectly on a different principle. Heat transfer occurs by means of infrared rays directly to occupants and objects in the room, bypassing the intermediary in the form of air. Direct heating, passing air, eliminates the associated heat loss. As the air heats up already in the end of heating as a side effect.
    The heat source in this type of heating infrared radiation. This is one of the types of electromagnetic radiation. Compared to visible light infrared rays have a lower frequency, because they are invisible. But in comparison with the microwaves have a greater frequency. Due to the fact that when heated the room does not heat up the air in the first place, there is no heat loss, and in the lower part of the room temperature is higher than at the top. This is because air is a gas. Therefore, the gas with higher temperature rises in the room, while cooler air descends. Consequently, a significant part of heat is spent on heating area of the room near the ceiling. Heat is consumed in this case is not effective. And in the case of heating outdoor areas, traditional heating is generally inefficient, as the heating does not occur at all. But infrared heating even in such circumstances, manages to “excellent”.
    An infrared heating system consists of infrared heater. It has a fairly simple device. Heater (diesel or gas) creating warmth, directs it with a reflector on a specified surface. Often use frosted emitter or roughness, it facilitates the heat dissipation.
    Often the infrared heating used in the house as an additional heat source. However, the last time it was updated, improved and already increasingly emerges as the main source of heat in the home. That’s just this breakthrough was facilitated by the introduction of film infrared heating. It has many advantages, such as reliability, easy installation, economy and efficiency. The use of film heater allows you to evenly distribute heat in the room, eliminating dead zones. Such systems can be installed on the ceiling or on the walls and floor. The optimum installation location is the ceiling, as it has the most free space and is practically not subject to mechanical stress. Also, this system is equipped with a temperature sensor with which the temperature and working time adjustable in the automatic mode.
    The use of infrared heating in the house gives you the opportunity to save finances to obtain a reliable and efficient method of heating, as well as to provide comfortable living conditions.