Active house


    Active house is one of the energy efficiency standards in which the quantity of energy produced by the systems of the home more than it consumed. Typically, such a home is initially connected to a common grid, and the excess energy is given to it. Active house preceded the first passive house, though now passive houses are equipped with special equipment to achieve a standard active. Active house takes energy from the environment, using alternative and renewable sources.
    To build a home of this standard in the planning stage you must first study the terrain and climate in which it is planned construction. Climatic characteristics it is important to examine the strength and direction of wind flow, humidity, duration of the light period, etc. Аnother important aspect is the study of air and soil for the presence of aggressive chemicals. As in the case of their presence need to take care of the additional protection equipment.
    These homes are always built from scratch. After studying the above characteristics, on the basis of the above analysis is selected, what technology will be built the house that she would meet all the requirements. In most cases, the best option is a house frame type. This type is tested for centuries and is well-suited for different climate zones. Frame type of construction is characterized by its low cost, allow you to create any layout of the house. And provides good thermal insulation due to the use of multi-layered panels for the erection of structures. There is another technology, which is used for the construction of active houses – gridshell technology. But it is rarely needed and is mainly used only for the collection of solar panels in the partition.
    When designing the house try to a greater percentage of the surfaces were drawn on the Sunny side. This allows the use of different solar systems (solar collectors, heat accumulators) and, consequently, to provide the house with natural heating, hot water and electricity. Much attention is paid here to the windows, as it is a bridge of exchange of energy between the street and the house. So the windows are provided with reliable insulation, and the opening and closing of the shutters is carried out automatically.
    From the existing variety of alternative sources, in the active houses are just the four most common, which have been effective. This solar energy (solar panels and collectors), mini wind farms, geothermal wells and heat pumps. Solar energy and wind energy are dependent on climatic conditions, so not everywhere can be applied. Although modern developments of these devices have sufficient efficiency to provide electricity even in areas where the short duration of sunny days. So today, this negative factor is maximally eliminated. The following two alternative source is less effective, though not dependent on climatic conditions and are often used as additional energy sources.
    The development of technology and innovation is not standing still. There are more new developments and technologies in the construction of active houses. In the future we plan to build a small town that is not dependent on power plants. They will have name – stable city. This idea allows not only economical to dispose of the energy, but also a surplus to sell to the state, as well as the activities of these houses is completely harmless to the environment, which can not but rejoice in the time of modern ecological crisis.