Eco (passive) house


    Eco (passive) house is the definition of room in terms of energy consumption. In some developed countries at the legislative level approved beginning in 2019, it is forbidden to build houses below the passive house standard. While the energy consumption of a passive house corresponds to 15 W/m2 per year. Design house of this type is very simple because does not require complex heating system. And the design of the house has some features by which the percentage consumption of energy is low.
    First and foremost, the eco’s low energy consumption, it can be achieved, significantly reducing heat loss and total elimination of cold bridges. However, there are still many aspects that must be considered when designing and constructing green buildings. Among these aspects we want to highlight the correct orientation of the house in the space when building it, reasonable zoning, effective insulation, both external and internal. Also equally important is ventilation in ekodoma it must be with heat recovery and air handling system.
    The last time s active development of alternative energy concept of passive house has changed. Now рassive house is not only seen as the house with low power consumption, but also as a housing, which is completely volatile. To ensure energy independence may be used one kind of renewable energy and the combination of types in one system. The heating can be produced by the residents of the house and appliances, and, if necessary, use alternative sources (solar energy, wind energy, geothermal). To supply the house hot water is widely used solar collectors, they are considered the most suitable and well performing their role. Using geothermal heat with a heat pump to provide underfloor heating. And in those latitudes, where winters are frost-free system of floor heating will suffice as autonomous heating. The issue of air conditioning and cooling in the hot season solved some of the architectural features and if that’s not enough, you can also use a heat pump.
    Often confused with the eco smart house. Their distinctive feature is that a smart home adjusts energy consumption, a passive house because of its design solutions and the use of alternative sources consumes less energy. And is as different from an active home. Because the active home not only consumes less energy, due to the fact that is equipped with many alternative systems of production of electricity produces more than it consumes. As a result, active house gives the excess electricity into the grid. Ecohouse can easily be made active if additionally it is equipped with special equipment and connect it to a common grid.
    In the world as of 2006 was built around 6,000 ecohomes. In Ukraine, this direction is only starting to develop, but there are 8 private passive houses and one apartment ecohouse.
    Passive ecohouse is economy, reliability and comfort.