Solar PVT panel


    PVT panel is a hybrid element of a solar panel combining the functionality of solar collectors and solar cells in one panel. The device allows to simultaneously obtain electricity and heat for heating water.
    Contrary to popular belief, solar panels actually work more efficiently in cold Sunny weather. People often assume that hot Sunny conditions are the best, but actually as solar PV panels get hot, they become less effective.
    The design of this device is a solar panel at the rear side of which is mounted a collector. In the PVT panels, the collector removes the excess heat from the photovoltaic element and then spends on heating the coolant. The symbiosis of the two devices solved the problem of overheating the photovoltaic panels. Especially with the summer time solar panels have suffered from performance loss, due to the fact that there was overheating of the panel (the temperature rose above 50°). On average PVТ panel overheating by degrees, becomes about 0.5% less efficient. Now the excess heat is absorbed by solar collectors and used to heat water. There is a natural cooling and the temperature is maintained at the desired level, which gives the opportunity to increase the average annual efficiency of electricity production by 15%.
    Association of the solar collector and the solar panel has solved another problem. Managed to significantly reduce the installation space. It is very convenient for use in private homes where there are problems with excess area that can be used for the installation of the necessary equipment. They are often installed on the roof. No more need to buy individual panels to perform different functions.

    But PVТ panels have three drawbacks:
    – PVТ panel should, in theory, be allowed to benefit from feed-in tariffs to promote renewable energy, as is electricity and renewable heat. But in practice, the legislation does not take into account the possibility of hybrid energy production, and therefore significantly increases the payback time of this installation. The government approved double income, and already they are developing amendments to the bill. Now the use of these panels more profitable in the industry.
    – PVТ panels are more expensive than the cost of traditional solar panels.
    PVТ system can be installed at almost the same cost as the equivalent of the capacity of the individual photovoltaic and solar thermal panels. Group PVТ about 10% more than the cost of separate photovoltaic panels and solar thermal panels, but 25% more efficient than the individual technologies. With the increase in production cost PVТ panels will decline and they will become a worthy replacement of solar collectors and batteries.
    – PVТ panels generate most of the hot water and electricity in the summer months. In the winter months when you need plenty of hot water for space heating, PVТ panels do not produce adequate amount of hot water it is therefore necessary to Supplement the heating boiler, the same problem with solar collectors!