Storm power engineering


    The storm power engineering is a kind of the alternative power engineering which has to “catch” energy of a lightning and send it to the power supply network. Such source is a never-ending resource which is constantly restored. The lightning is a complex electric process which is divided into several types: negative and positive. The first type of lightnings collects in the bottom of a cloud, another – on the contrary, gathers in the top department. “To catch” and keep energy of a lightning, it is necessary to use potent and expensive condensers, and also various vibrating systems which have contours of the second and third sort. It is necessary to coordinate and evenly to distribute loading with an external resistance of the working generator.
    Still storm power engineering is the unfinished and not absolutely created project, though rather perspective. Attractive there is an opportunity to constantly restore resources. Very important that how larger power proceeds from one category which promotes production of enough energy (about 5 млрж J of net energy that equals to 145 liters of gasoline).
    Lightning discharge creation process
    Lightning discharge creation process – the very composite and technical. In the beginning from a cloud to the earth the leading category which is created by electron avalanches goes. These avalanches connect in categories which have the name “streamers”. The leading category creates the hot ionization channel via which in an opposite direction the main lightning discharge moves that escapes from the surface of our planet a push of the strong electric field. Such systemic manipulations can repeat several times in a row though can seem to us that there passed only several seconds. Therefore process of “catching” of a lightning, transformation of its energy on current and the subsequent storage such composite.
    There are following aspects and shortcomings of a storm power engineering:
    • Unreliability of an energy source. Because it is impossible to expect beforehand where and when there is a lightning, emergence of problems with creation and obtaining energy is possible. Variability of such phenomenon significantly influences a significance of all idea.
    • Low duration of the category. Lightning discharge arises and works only a few seconds therefore it is very important to react and “catch” it quickly.
    • The need to use condensers and vibrating systems. Without use of these devices and systems it is impossible to receive and turn energy of a thunder-storm fully.

    • The secondariest problems with “catching” of charges. Because of the low density of the charged ions the big resistance of air is created. It is possible “to catch” a lightning with use of an ionization electrode which needs to be lifted as much as possible over the Earth’s surface (it can “catch” energy only in the form of microcurrents). If to lift an electrode too close to naelektrizirovanny clouds, then it will provoke lightning creation. Such short-term, but potent charge can lead to numerals to breakages of storm power plant.
    • Expensive cost of all system and inventory. The storm power engineering through the specific structure and constant changeability means use of a various inventory which costs very much.
    • Transformation and distribution of current. Because of changeability of power of charges there can be problems with their distribution. The mean power of lightnings makes from 5 to 20 kA, however, there are flashes current intensity and to 200 kA. Any charge needs to be distributed on smaller power to an index in 220 V or at 50-60 alternating-current Hz.
    Experiments with installation of storm power stations
    On October 11, 2006 it was announced about a successful design of a prototype of model of storm power plant which is capable “to catch” a lightning and to turn into net energy. The Alternative Energy Holdings company could brag of such achievements. The innovative producer noted that such installation can solve several environmental problems, and also is considerable reduce energy production cost. The company assures that the similar system will pay off in 4-7 years, and “storm farms” will have an opportunity to make and sell the electric power which differs from the cost of traditional energy sources ($0,005 for kW/year).
    Staff of Saungtgemptsky university in 2013 in vitro simulated a simulated charge of a lightning which on the properties is identical to a lightning of a natural origin. Using a simple inventory, scientists could “catch” a charge and with its help to charge the accumulator of the mobile phone.
    Researches of storm activity, card of frequency of lightnings
    Specialists of NASA who work with the “Mission of Measurement of Tropical Storm” satellite in 2006 conducted researches of storm activity in different corners of our planet. It was notified the origins of lightnings given about frequency and to creation of the corresponding card later. Such researches reported that there are particular regions in which for a year there are about 70 lightning discharges (on square km of the area).

    The thunder-storm is a complex electrostatic atmospheric process which is followed by lightnings and a thunder. The storm power engineering is a perspective alternative power engineering which can help mankind will get rid of an energy crisis and to provide it with constantly renewing resources. Despite all advantages of such type of energy, there are many aspects and factors which do not allow to produce, use and keep the electric power of this origin actively.
    Now scientists of the whole world study this complex process and develop plans and projects on elimination of companion problems. Perhaps, over time the mankind will be able to subdue “obstinate” energy of a lightning and to process it in the near future.