Superflywheel a device for operating under vacuum, made by winding a wire on an axle or other similar materials, while having a high thermal capacity. In 1964. the first time the device has been patented. However, such devices are patented in the 19th century, but due to the fact that it was impossible to make a cast or forged axle, it was assembled from component parts. He could only work in air, but not as superflywheel in vacuo. Yes, and the rotation speed was small, as well as the specific capacitance is negligible. With the rapid rotation of the axis of the team would not stand the load and collapsed.

    There are three types of superflywheel:
    – wire
    – вand;

    The most common are considered fiber flywheels are very well proven carbon fiber. The main reason for this – at low density have a high strength. The wire did not spread due to the fact that during operation at high voltages in the winding of the wire itself behaves erratically and unpredictably. The tape flywheels main problem is the fixation of the upper coil, without breaking during its rotation.
    The device is a winding drum made of the materials discussed above. To reduce losses during rotation, the drum is placed in an evacuated enclosure. The final form takes a flywheel, with the beginning of the stock and energy return. it is necessary to implement a motor-generator. Stator here is the drum and rotor – the axis around which the drum rotates. This design is capable of converting energy with an efficiency reaching 98%.

    Advantages and disadvantages of the device.
    Superflywheel have a long service life and reasonable price. I especially want to mention the safety device in the destruction. One disadvantage of this design is an obstacle axis changes direction, due to the fact that there is a gyroscopic effect. There is also a disadvantage is the fact that there is a well thought out and designed powertrain that would allow the use superflywheel transport.
    Initially, the device was designed for storing energy in the vehicle. Today superflywheel, thanks to recent research and the latest developments, have started to use flywheels and other areas of business. For example, the American company has started the use of this device in industrial power grids. True, it took not one but a whole series of superflywheel. And in 2009. It began in the US construction of the first power plant based on superflywheel. This would solve the acute problem of power in the US energy market regulation.