Horizontal wind turbine


    In the production of electricity by converting wind energy using wind turbines dominate the horizontal type. The power generation principle inherent kinetic wind energy into mechanical and then further convert it gives us the output electrical energy.
    Wind turbines are separated by a horizontal type of power to industrial and private use. Industrial generators, rather it is a wind power plant is a set of connected together single wind turbine. Wind power stations are quite expensive and they are owned or the state or large corporations. But horizontal wind generators private use may be self-contained and does not require mains power. If the wind turbine equipped with solar panels, such a generator can be a stand-alone source of electricity at home.
    In the horizontal type wind fairly simple principle. It consists in the fact that the wind turbine affect the flows and it starts its rotation. Such effects on the inner shaft and the gear connected therewith, the shaft makes it possible to increase the speed. In turn, the axle generator is connected to the generator, and it enables the production of electricity. Themselves turbine fairly simple structure and a part of them is included bearing hollow mast, rotor blades, inner shaft, generator, inverter and battery. To date, the design of horizontal wind turbines are equipped with an additional technique that analyzes the wind power and environmental factors, and automatically turns the equipment that would catch the wind flow. Also, the current models of wind turbines are equipped with automation to automatically change the pitch and inclination of the blades for more productive absorption of the wind flow.
    Wind turbines horizontal type divided by the number of blades. There are models such as:
    · Single blade;
    · Bilobed;
    · Lobed;
    · Multibladed.
    Single blade models have one blade and the counterweight. The main advantages of this model has a high speed of rotation, and lower cost, they are rated up to 10 kW. Two-blade models have two blades. Its main feature is that it is fairly well balanced. Trilobate – consist of three blades and they are by far the most common. The nominal power of up to 7 MW. Multiblade model in its design may have up to 50 blades, and this model is mainly used in the field vetronasosnoy.
    horizontal type wind turbines have several advantages such as:
    · For electricity generation is absolutely no need of raw materials and there is no production of waste;
    · Samovozobnovlyaemy an environmentally friendly source of energy;
    · Installation and return almost trebuyuet further costs.
    However, despite the benefits, there are several disadvantages:
    · Noise that creates the blade;
    · Sometimes insufficient wind force that could operate the device. Therefore, wind turbines should be placed only in those places where the constant wind force;
    · Wind turbines are rather cumbersome.
    However, today, developers are finding new technological solutions that would eliminate completely or minimize the disadvantages. Thus, the wind turbine market is actively developing in recent years.