Geothermal energy


    Heat the depths of the earth, different from other natural sources of energy is one of the reliable sources of energy samovozobnovlyaemyh.
    To date it is not known from where there is heat in the deep layers of our planet, but there is an opinion among the scholars that it is due to radioactive decay in the earth’s crust and mantle. The deeper into the bowels of the earth’s crust, the more the temperature rises. There are two methods of heat production and its use in the economy – is hydrothermal and petrotermal ways.
    %d0%b3%d0%b8%d0%b4%d1%80%d0%beHydrothermal method
    Hydrothermal method is designed so that the source of energy – it is the heat that comes from groundwater. Most of the hydrothermal stations arranged easiest way to generate energy. Groundwater seek the well over and pumped into an evaporator. Steam, which was formed after the evaporator, activates a turbine generator. Meanwhile, the waste and the cooled water is pumped back to the other hole and heats up, so the whole cycle is repeated again in a circle. Energy groundwater is used not only to produce electricity, but also as a heating. This method of energy production does not depend on weather conditions, time of year and other factors and is an infinite source of energy. If properly and efficiently use it, it is absolutely harmless to the environment. But there are some disadvantages and in the hydrothermal method of energy production, one of which is the high cost of hydrothermal plants and their construction is suitable in a limited number of regions, exclusively where geothermal sources are located near the surface.
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    This method avoids the shortcomings that exist in the hydrothermal method of energy production. The source of energy in the process petrotermal energy production has a high temperature of earth rocks at a depth of several kilometers inland. And the working principle is the same as in the previous method. By deep well injected cold water, rock in the depth of it is heated and rises up acting on the turbine, thereby bringing it into action. What good is this method as opposed to the previous one, it can be used by 20% of the planet, it is not tied to the areas of localization of geothermal sources. But this method is technically difficult to realize. It is very expensive to drill several kilometers deep, and it is difficult to pump cold water there. Even the hole are deformed in the process of soil tectonic movements.
    But there is another way to generate heat using heat pumps. Here there is a selection of heat from shallow depths. Heat pumps, which are used here are different from the coldness of industrial presence agent with a low boiling point. However, this method is used for heating homes and small amounts is not suitable for use on an industrial scale.
    We can say with confidence that geothermal energy does not replace the traditional method of energy production, and the high cost of heat production technologies and the inability to use at any point of the earth hinder its development and implementation. However, it will still be developed, perhaps not as active as other alternative energy sources, and the use of geothermal heat pumps in the energy sector gives a push to develop a home with independent power supply and heating.