How will the solar energy market change in 2019?


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Employees of the company IHS Markit made calculations, according to which, we can expect an increase in the capacity of all solar installations to 123 gigawatts. According to experts, the share of solar energy over the next year will increase by 18 percent. In addition, the prospect of shifting 2/3 of the energy market from China beyond its borders was voiced.

Now, almost 50% of the world’s solar capacities belong to Chinese companies. According to the company IHS Markit, the current year will bring changes in the distribution of these indicators. China will have 1/3 of the solar industry capacity, and the remaining 2/3 will be distributed across countries. According to experts, new energy markets will gain momentum in South Africa, Vietnam, Argentina, Spain and Egypt. Next year they will be 7% in the global energy balance.

Of all the alternative sources of energy, solar energy is the most popular and sought after. Experts noted that the growth of energy markets in 45 countries consistently has indicators of at least 20%.

The second position of the world championship in the field of solar energy belongs to the United States. By the end of 2019, the number of photovoltaic plants in the United States will increase by 28 percent.

Such an active increase in the energy market is quite predictable and justified. The fact is that companies that will have time to launch new solar productions by the end of next year can count on an investment tax-lending program of 30 percent. It is worth noting that even those companies that are at the initial stage of building new alternative industries have a chance to get such a loan. It is enough to buy only 5% of the equipment and the benefits will be available.

This year, Chinese manufacturers engaged in the supply of solar equipment, radically changed their business policy. The focus was on the speed of turnover of goods. This will avoid further overproduction and provide European countries with the necessary equipment.

Since the summer of 2018, there has been a collapse in prices for equipment from China. Increased demand in the territories of Spain, Vietnam and Mexico still did not fall. At the beginning of next year, the cost will rise and fix at a certain point until the end of December 2019.

Experts note that many large global companies have purchased solar equipment in large quantities for the future. This is due to the new production policy of Chinese companies. There were concerns that access to photovoltaic modules from China would be limited.

According to BloombergNEF, the average cost of photovoltaic modules in the world ranges from 23 to 26 cents per watt. Presumably, by the end of next year, the price of panels may drop by 10-15 percent due to an overabundance of goods. China’s new production policy can help avoid falling panel prices.

In turn, SoftBank Corporation from Japan made a promise that in a quarter of a century solar electricity would be free. According to the experts of the company, in just 25 years the large global projects will fully pay back the investments. The company believes that after a given period, the technologies will reach the level when energy will be supply to consumers free. Users will only have to pay for the work of special robots that will be engaged in cleaning the panels.

The bright prospects of solar energy are very encouraging, both ordinary citizens and owners of the solar business. It is worth recalling that in Ukraine until the end of 2019, a very favorable rate on the “green” tariff remains. If you want to join the world experience of creating income from sunlight, then this is the best time.


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