The use of solar cells from glass in the construction of an energy efficient home – Solar Squared


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The use of photovoltaic modules installed on or near the roof of the building is not new for quite some time. The need for energy supply for residents of apartment buildings has become the impetus for the creation of a new technology that allows integrating solar installations into the walls of buildings. Solar modules from a group of engineers from the University of Exeter are made of glass. Their price for mass production should be available, the appearance – modern and attractive, that is, all the advantages on the face. High ability of integration into the facades of buildings makes the technology applicable not only for multi-unit buildings, but also for cottage buildings.

Solar panels made of glass for generating electricity

The production of a special type of glass embedded solar panels is carried out by the company Build Solar. The essence of the new technology is to integrate into the working tandem technology of generating electricity through the use of a solar beam of rays with the newest methods of construction work.

Presented by the developers of solar batteries of glass have a fairly wide range of colors. They can be embedded in the roof or wall surface. Such characteristics make it possible to significantly expand the scope of their application.

It should be noted that even in the case of vertical installation, glass solar panels have the ability to catch a sufficient number of beams. In addition to the fact that Solar Squared performs the function of solar panels, they still act as windows. Their opaque structure still allows the sun’s rays to enter the living quarters.

In the glass unit there are special optical devices. They produce the focusing of the sun’s rays on a specific solar cell.

Undeniable advantages of the newest glass blocks

The manufacturer of the Solar Squared photovoltaic system asserts that the payback period of the innovation is rather small. In addition to generating electricity, solar glass units can significantly improve the thermal insulation of the premises. Thanks to the modular system of building glass solar blocks, they can be integrated into the object of any architecture.

According to the developer, it is possible to select the sizes of blocks. This allows building in the production process of many brands in the construction sector. In addition, this feature allows you to avoid re-planning and rebuilding the object to install glass solar panels.

A similar example of embedded solar technology is the solar tile from the company Tesla. The only restriction is its use in apartment buildings. Solar Squared with the same amount of generated energy has no such limitations and can be an excellent option for residents of large cities.

The creators of the blocks declare that their main goal in creating the technology was to modify the existing ideas about bulky solar structures. In addition, many residential facilities for one reason or another were deprived of the opportunity to use the energy of the sun for their needs. Now the unfortunate layout of the building or architecture features cannot be on the path of progress.


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