What permissions are needed to install a windmill?


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People, who decide to equip their yard with a windmill for electricity, often ask questions about which permits and documents are needed for this event. In addition, citizens are very interested in the existence of certain inspections by the competent authorities and the legality of unauthorized installation of the generator.

In our legislation, wind turbines are the most controversial issues in the field of permits and inspections. This is due to the complexity of the design and the likelihood of the emergence of hazardous situations for a person associated with the work of the windmill.

The use of alternative equipment in our country does not yet have a separate section in the legislation, which greatly complicates the interpretation of general legislative acts. If you believe the manufacturers of wind equipment, then such devices are in one row with electric. Such opinion is confirmed by the manufacturers of wind turbines by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On state expert examination on energy supply”. This document confirms the possibility to use alternative installations without any registration measures, which capacity is less than 75 kilowatts. This applies to both solar and wind accessories. In the text of the document it is really said that compulsory expertise is not required for engineering, which does not differ in energy capacity. Under the notion of “energy-intensive technology” in this case, devices with a capacity exceeding 75 kilowatts are covered.

But there is also an important contradiction in this issue. The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, which is discussed, has a separate paragraph entitled “List of Objects to be subjected to State Energy Saving Examination”, which calls in question the above. The fact is that the heating systems created in our country are subject to mandatory inspection of state-level inspections of household appliances. Such accessories should have special operating permits. The list of equipment to be checked includes:

– Devices requiring the use of natural gas of more than 1 cubic meter per hour;

– boiler houses with a capacity of more than 0,5 gcal per hour;

– electrical accessories with a capacity exceeding 5 kilowatts.

This paragraph of the Regulation, as it were, takes into account equipment which consumes electric energy, since the object of verification is the use of fuel and energy resources. There is no tax on the energy of the sun or wind in Ukraine. This applies only to the use of natural resources.

For those who plan to install wind turbines, it will be useful to pay attention to the equipment requirements:

  1. Winds and related accessories must have Ukrainian certificates. In addition, a conclusion should be made regarding the compliance of the ACSB.
  2. Each wind generator must be equipped with a thunderbolt. Since wind installations are installed on high supports, this measure is mandatory in the framework of safety precautions. The private windmill cannot be above 30 meters.
  3. Legislation prohibits the use of electricity generated by private wind turbines in the general network or natural persons. In our country even criminal proceedings have been opened against the violation of this ban.

Wind power plants have long proven themselves as profitable objects. The higher the power of such an object, the greater the benefit of its use. In our country, the most favorable regions for the installation of wind turbines are the Crimean Mountains, the Carpathians, the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. Windy weather in these areas contributes to increased generation volumes.

The legislative framework for alternative energy sources is rather ambiguous. Therefore, the low rates of the appearance of new wind objects in Ukraine are fully justified. The authorities should pay attention to similar issues in order to accelerate the growth of the share of alternative energy in the country.


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