A 200-megawatt solar station will built on the territory of Ukraine – one of the largest among the countries of Europe


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The third largest EU CEC in the near future will appear thanks to DTEK and the company’s investment from China. The station is plan to be located in the city of Nikopol, located in the Dnepropetrovsk region.

CMEC has already concluded an agreement with the Ukrainian side. The document regulates the design and installation of SES, which will have a capacity of 200 megawatts. The organization SilkLink held an event in accordance with the program “Chinese investments in the development of energy in Ukraine”, during which an agreement was signed between DTEK and CMEC.

After the completion of all construction works, the Nikopol Solar Power Plant will be list as the most powerful station in our country and will rightfully be award the title of one of the largest SES of the world, having entered the top three of the largest stations in Europe.

It should be note that the Chinese company belongs to a number of firms of national importance Sinomach. This group acts as the leading developer in the field of alternative energy around the world. According to official data, the portfolio of implemented projects includes about 4.3 thousand megawatts in 150 different states. The company SMES will be both a developer and investment support for SES in the city of Nikopol. Representatives of the company report that the preliminary estimate of the project is 230 million euros.

The first work on the construction of SES has already started in April this year, and the final stage is plan for the end of the year. They will have a solar power station on the site of a previously abandoned quarry near Nikopol. The land plot allocated for building was declare unfit for agricultural activities. Specialists also note that thanks to the Nikopol SES the amount of harmful carbon dioxide emissions will be reduce by 300,000 tons per year.

Generation of electricity by a solar power plant will be about 280 million kilowatt-hours per year. This amount of energy is enough to meet the energy needs of 100,000 homes. The construction of the Nikopol SES will provide the local population with jobs, and the city budget – large amounts as taxes.

DTEK Director General noted that this project is one of the largest and will attract serious investments in alternative energy of our country. The construction of the Nikopol SES together with the Chinese partners is capable of becoming a positive example of successful investments in the Ukrainian “green” energy sector. This can arouse the interest of other foreign investors. The state energy strategy has quite ambitious goals: to increase the order of five gigawatts of the capacities of alternative energy for two years (until 2020), to reduce the deficit of energy resources, to reduce the amount of СО2 falling into the atmosphere by 40 percent until 2035.

Such ambitious plans require huge financial investments that can be attract to Ukraine only by creating a positive investment climate and by building transparent rules for interaction.

In addition, DTEK’s CEO said that at this stage China is investing the greatest amount of money in new green energy projects around the world. The company SMES has managed to build more than 4,300 megawatts of power, and about six hundred megawatts make SES. The Ukrainian side expressed its extreme interest in such cooperation.

The representative of the Chinese side, Zhang Chun, in turn, said that the interaction between DTEK and CMEC should be an example for companies from Ukraine and China, who in the future can also implement new projects of national importance by common forces.


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